COVID-19 Session Protocols

Updated June 21, 2021

We understand that we have a huge responsibility to care for over 300 campers during our week with them. We have several goals while they are with us, including:

  • Helping them to love Jesus 
  • Helping them to love others
  • Keeping them safe

We have always worked to create a safe space for all, but below are a few ways we are working this year to follow the State of Texas camp recommendations as well as some established best practices regarding COVID-19. We are working to continue to update these as things progress. NOTE: COVID-19 tests and/or vaccination records are NOT required.

  • Campers and staff are encouraged to minimize their social exposure for the entire week before coming to camp (7 days).
  • Each camper is required to complete a Bandina COVID-19 Pre-screening form and bring to camp with you.
  • Only one family member and/or sponsor bringing campers to camp may enter cabins upon arrival. Once campers have been unloaded, families/drivers must leave the campgrounds.
  • Campers and staff must pass symptom screening before loading church bus to transport OR upon arrival to campgrounds (for those arriving with a parent/guardian).
  • Should someone test positive for COVID-19 at camp, contact tracing includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to) the campers in that same cabin, and parents would be notified. These are the campers who would have the most possibility of exposure.
  • Should a camper exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, and the nurse feels a high probability that they could be sick, parents will be notified. Decisions will be made for the camper to be given a COVID-19 test. If permission is not given to determine status, camper is automatically required to be picked up. If test is given, next steps can be decided to care for the sick camper (either they are positive and go home or they are negative and go to the doctor, medication, etc.). 
  • Cabins will be cleaned daily and disinfectant spray will be used on many high touch areas as often as possible.
  • Campers and counselors are required to sleep “head to toe” to maximize space between heads.
  • Disposable trays, cups, and cutlery will be used when possible.
  • Campers will sit at the same assigned table with their cabin mates during all meals and worship time while in the pavilion.
  • As much as possible, activities and groups will be moved outdoors to minimize exposure and increase airflow.