Pop Culture/Media (15 – 18 yr olds)

This is a discussion-based class in finding God in music, movies, and other media. Where is God in these areas of your life?

Cooking (all ages) $5.00

Want to learn your way around a kitchen? Already know how to cook but want to perfect your skills? Take cooking and enjoy time each morning making different foods to try and enjoy. You’ll learn how to measure ingredients, read a recipe, and much more. (This class requires a $5 fee.)

Story Writing (all ages)

Do you enjoy writing? Creating stories? Participants in this class will write a short story with the help and direction of a trained, professional author.

Archery (all ages)

boys shooting bows and arrows
Want to spend time learning how to shoot a bow? This is the class for you! Shoot at targets and have LOTS of fun!!

Painting (all ages) $5.00

Do you love to paint? This class is for YOU! We will spend the week painting on canvas and other objects to create beautiful masterpieces. You don’t have to be an expert artist to sign up for this class. Just come and have fun! (This class requires a $5 fee.)

Guy’s Bible (12 – 18)

Spend your extra class hour each morning in Bible study. Enrich yourself with the Word and become closer to God.

Girl’s Bible (12 – 18)

Spend your extra class hour each morning in Bible study. Enrich yourself with the Word and become closer to God. This class if for our female campers and is led by female staff members.

Creation Science (all ages)

A class used to scientifically prove creation. True science agrees with the Bible and its scriptures. Some scientists believe that God didn’t create the world and we evolved through evolution. Learn how the Bible, in fact, does scientifically prove creation!

Fishing (all ages)

3 people fishing in Medina River
Want to catch some fish? Need to learn how to bait your own hook? Come fish in the Medina River with us! You will use your own rod (which we provide) and fish under the shade trees of the river.

World Survival (all ages)

Enjoy being outside? Want to learn ‘the ways of the land’? Join Clay Bassham in this outdoor class and spend time in nature. Go on hikes, learn about plants and animals, and gain a respect for the great Hill Country.

Golf (all ages)

Want to learn to play golf? Need to improve your swing? Learn to putt and drive that ball across the field! Sign up to spend an hour of your day swinging that club. Clubs and balls are provided for use during class, but feel free to bring your own if you’d prefer. We will store them safely for you when not in class.

Sign Language (all ages)

Have you ever wanted to learn to sign? Have you ever found yourself needing to communicate with someone who can’t hear? This year, you can! Learn the basics of Sign Language in this fun, energetic class. After a week, you’ll know a few basic phrases and words. Come learn with us!

Gross Stories of the Bible (ages 9 – 11)

Do you want to learn about some of the gross stories in our Bible? Did you realize that there are some really interesting stories with yucky parts? In this class, you can hear stories that you may have not have heard before and enjoy some hands-on gross applications. Join us as we learn some true stories from our Bible in an exciting way!