boys shooting bows and arrows

Archery (all ages)

Want to spend time learning how to shoot a bow? This is the class for you! Shoot at targets and have LOTS of fun!!

Cooking (all ages) $10.00

Want to learn your way around a kitchen? Already know how to cook but want to perfect your skills? Take cooking and enjoy time each morning making different foods to try and enjoy. You’ll learn how to measure ingredients, read a recipe, and much more. (This class requires a $10 fee.)

Creative Arts (ages 9-11 only) $10.00

Do you love being creative and working on crafts? Is the afternoon free time not enough time to satisfy your craft addictions? If you are 9-11 years old, you now can take a craft class in the mornings and work on some fantastic crafts chosen by our teacher. She will have projects for you to work on during the week during your morning rotation time. (This class requires a $10 fee to cover supplies.)

3 people fishing in Medina River

Fishing (all ages)

Want to catch some fish? Need to learn how to bait your own hook? Come fish in the Medina River with us! You will use your own rod (which we provide) and fish under the shade trees of the river.

Golf (all ages)

Want to learn to play golf? Need to improve your swing? Learn to putt and drive that ball across the field! Sign up to spend 40 minutes of your day swinging that club. Clubs and balls are provided for use during class.

Painting (all ages) $10.00

Do you love to paint? This class is for YOU! We will spend the week painting on canvas to create a beautiful masterpiece. You don’t have to be an expert artist to sign up for this class. Just come and have fun! (This class requires a $10 fee.)

Pop Culture/Media (ages 15 – 18 only)

This is a discussion-based class in finding God in music, movies, and other media. This class is led by one of our directors (James McAdams). Come and spend some time with him each morning. Where is God in these pop-culture areas of your life?

Sign Language (all ages)

Have you ever wanted to learn to sign? Have you ever found yourself needing to communicate with someone who can’t hear? This year, you can! Learn the basics of Sign Language in this fun, energetic class. After a week, you’ll know a few basic phrases and words. Come learn with us!

First Aid (all ages)

You will learn the basics of first aid and taking care of yourself and others if the need arises. This class is taught by one of our EXPERIENCED camp nurses who works daily as an Emergency Room nurse.

Woodworking (ages 15 – 18 only) $15.00

Do you like making things with wood? Would you like to learn how to use a saw and make something with your own hands? This class will learn how to use tools to make a project that we will leave at the camp! We have been improving the campgrounds for several years now, and it’s a better place because of the work of the campers in this class. It’s going to be so fun! (This class requires a $15 fee.)

Frisbee Golf (ages 12-18 only)

Spend some of your morning learning the basics of Frisbee Golf and enjoying practicing, competing, and playing the game. This class is taught by 2 staff members who are skilled frisbee golf pros!