Staff Participation

Staff Participation Form 2022

(This is how I want to serve during camp.)

Tee-shirt size: Adult

The Board of Directors of Bandina Christian Youth Camp, Inc. requires that all counselors and teachers be members of a congregation of churches of Christ.
Please check the following areas according to your areas of interest or ability:
All cabin counselors also work as either teachers, coaches or in crafts:
The State of Texas requires that all staff be properly trained and oriented for their roles at camp. This training is scheduled for Saturday evening and Sunday morning before camp begins. All staff is required to attend. All staff is expected to be at camp for the entire period, Saturday (July 9 through Saturday (July 16).
Each staff person is required to take the Sex Abuse Prevention Course before camp begins (online or in written form). State of Texas regulations require both criminal and sex abuse background checks on all camp personnel.
Do you currently teach a Bible Class?
I understand that Bandina Christian Youth Camp does not allow the use of alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, nor any illegal substance. I understand that the use of these agents will result in my immediate dismissal. I understand that I may not use or have in my possession any alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, or illegal drugs/substances.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
I understand that State Regulations prohibit me from having any medication in my cabin and require that I turn in all prescription and non-prescription medication to the camp nurse upon my arrival at camp to prevent them from being within the reach of campers staying in my cabin (excepting Epi pen and inhalers). I understand that the camp nurse will administer my medication to me as needing during the week of camp.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Staff forms are due May 15 2022. After that date, applications for new staff members may be considered. Please return the completed forms to Gerald Elliott by U.S. mail, email, or fax: Gerald Elliott Bandina Christian Camp Cell (903)466-6497 1210 N. Riviera Cir Pearland, Texas 77581 Internet Fax: (817) 439-6781 [email protected]